About Me

Helen Brooks is a print artist based in Hertfordshire. 
Her prints are handmade, original pieces of art. 

Linocut is a relief printmaking method which means the image is printed from raised surfaces on the lino tile which receive ink from a roller. The ink is transferred to the paper by means of a printing press. This is not much different from the first printing press designed by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440!

Some prints are one-offs,  totally unique, named as an Artist's Proof. Others are part of an edition, where a limited number of prints is made from the lino plate. Helen's edition is usually quite small, at between 7 and 50. However, each print from an edition is a little bit different, as each is individually inked and printed.


       "I transfer my drawing onto the lino then cut away whatever I don't want to print, using cutting tools.  Sometimes I treat areas of the tile with caustic soda solution which erodes the surface leaving a grainy texture (e.g. the background of the owl, above). Once cut and caustic-etched, the raised surface is inked with a roller. I place the tile (with the paper carefully over it) in the press and take the print.

Some prints are made in layers from several lino tiles, such as 'Peacock' in the Bird Gallery. 'Torso' in the Human Body Gallery was made with sixteen tiles printed simultaneously.

I also use chine colle, where a piece of tissue is hand-coloured with acrylic ink then bonded to the paper in the press, underneath the ink of the print. It works well with butterflies."


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